Application of any general terms and conditions of the customer is excluded.

This can only be deviated from if this has been agreed in writing.



General sales and delivery conditions of TBTB Relatiegeschenken



Pampuslaan 59, 1382 JM Weesp


Article 1 Definitions.

Paragraph 1: In these general terms and conditions the following definitions apply:


1: advisor or supplier: TBTB Relatiegeschenken


2: client or client: the person who is in a (PR) contractual relationship with the supplier.


Paragraph 2: Where “general goods” is used in these general terms and conditions, this includes both the goods to be supplied by the supplier and the services to be supplied by it, including advice and creative expressions.

Paragraph 3: Where reference is made in these general terms and conditions or agreement concluded between the supplier and client to an internationally defined clause (eg COD, ex-works, CIF etc.) such a clause must be understood within the meaning of the Incoterms 1990 published by the International Chamber of Commerce.


Article 2 Applicability.

Paragraph 1: These terms and conditions apply to all offers made by the supplier and to all agreements concluded with the client by the supplier.

Paragraph 2: Deviating clauses only bind the supplier after written approval on its part and only for the agreement to which the approval relates.

Paragraph 3: Reference of the client to its own terms and conditions is not accepted by the supplier, unless that has been explicitly agreed in writing in each case.


Article 3 Offers.

Paragraph 1: All offers in whatever form are without obligation for the supplier unless they contain a period for acceptance.


Paragraph 2: If a non-binding offer is accepted, the supplier has the right to withdraw the offer within two days of receiving the acceptance.


Paragraph 3: Images, catalogs, drawings and further information provided to or by the supplier are subject to change without prior notice and do not bind the supplier.


Article 4 Prices.

Paragraph 1: The price or prices stated with the offer are exclusive of VAT in Euro and are based on the cost-determining factors applicable at the time of the offer.

Paragraph 2: The supplier has the right at all times to determine that certain items will only be delivered in certain minimum quantities.


Article 5 Cancellations.

Paragraph 1: If the client cancels the order in whole or in part, he is bound to compensate the supplier for all reasonably incurred expenses (costs of preparation, orders from third parties, storage, commission, etc.) for the execution of this order, everything without prejudice to the supplier’s right to full compensation for loss of profit, as well as other damage resulting from the cancellation.


Article 6 Delivery of printed goods.

Paragraph 1: In the event that the supplier is instructed to supply specially processed or assembled products for the client, the client is obliged to deliver good quality, directly reproducible material.

Paragraph 2: The supplier is only obliged to send a proof in advance to the client if this is stipulated in writing by the client for the assignment. In that case, the supplier undertakes to submit a proof to the client no later than five weeks after receiving the order and after receiving the materials to be reproduced.

Paragraph 3: All costs of the printed matter or associated with it are charged separately and are not included in the agreed prices unless the opposite has been expressly agreed.


Article 7 Advice on work and product development.

Paragraph 1: The consultant is obliged to represent the interests of the client to the best of his knowledge and ability and to act as an advisor if requested.

Paragraph 2: The consultant will treat all information made available by the client in strict confidence, even after the relationship has ended. For his part, the client is bound to maintain secrecy with regard to everything that becomes known to him with regard to the business of the consultant, his products and / or services.

Paragraph 3: In the case of product development, advice on promotional products to be applied, advice on creative concepts, offers for extensive projects with printed or unprinted products, national or international market research into specific products or product requests for products that are not specifically defined, the client is the client – in all cases that do not provide for the delivery of specifically described goods – a fee is payable at an hourly rate or fixed rate to be agreed in advance between the parties.


Article 8 Deliveries and delivery time.

Paragraph 1: Specified delivery times will never be regarded as a strict deadline, unless explicitly agreed otherwise